Known for it’s natural, untouched beauty and rare sights – Fraser Island is a must-see for any East Coast Qld holiday maker.

A trip to Fraser – whether it be a short stay or day trip, wouldn’t be complete without at least checking out these amazing natural sights.

1: Lake Mackenzie

A Trip to Fraser Island wouldn't be complete without a dip in the unbelievably pristine Lake Mackenzie. Perfectly white silica sand, met by crystal clear turquise water. The face of many tourism campaign images, this is a dreamy place that must be seen to be believed.

2: Eli Creek

Pack a boogey board, or a tyre innertube, because Eli Creek is natures version of Calipso bay. Crystal clear, crisp, and not too deep, take the stroll to the top of the spring and let the natural current send you down the creek in the ultimate float experience!

3: Colourful Sands

One of Fraser's unique sights is the coloured sands pillars and cliffs. Take the drive up the eastern beach and stop off for something that must be seen to be believed. If you ever grew up holidaying at Fraser or the Fraser Coast as a kid you'll have either filled a clear bottle with layers of multi coloured sands, or seen them for sale in tourist gift shops and newsagents alongside whale printed T-shirts!

4: SS Maheno

Not as in tact as it once was, but still worth the stop off. The Maheno Wreck juts out of the sand and is absolutely intriguing. Rich in stories, the ocean liner ran aground in 1935 after a renowned war and maritime history and never floated again.

5: Champagne Pools

The name says it all and this beautiful natural sight does not disappoint. With fish to feed and beautiful clear sea water feeding the naturally carved rock pools, it's worth adding to your must-see list. After all, what safer way to avoid the sharks and to enjoy a salty ocean swim, than to enjoy one in your own picturesque rock pool!